About Stella Nova Technologies

Stella Nova Technologies, Inc. (www.sntinc.com), an innovative retail POS and web application provider, is committed to creating transacting solutions that work to meet the unique requirements of today’s largest retail enterprises and their customers. Stella Nova was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing national retailers with the software capabilities needed to grow their business.

Stella Nova offers products as well as custom solutions that allow retailers to manage the needs of their transaction system. Their latest product suite, the Stella Nova Mobile Framework, was developed to provide local and global retailers with a fast, secure and flexible answer to omnichannel, multi-geography transacting operations. Stella Nova’s headquarters are located in Wake Forest, NC. Stella Nova also has offices in Minneapolis and in Hyderabad, India. Additional functional locations have been established along with an offshore development facility that provides easy access to a large resource pool of experienced professionals.